Children Living in prison with Detained Parents: La Paz, bolivia

The Problem:

In Bolivia, hundreds of children are living with their incarcerated parents, which has contributed to the widespread problem of overcrowding within the prison system. The environment inside the prison is unregulated and unsafe. It is not a healthy environment for the hundreds of children that are living there with their parents. There are an estimated 220 children living with their parents in San Pedro Prison in La Paz, Bolivia. The Bolivian government has received a lot of pressure to remove these children from the dangerous prison environment, but this removal must be done correctly to prevent greater harm.

The Solution:

Latin Advocacy Network seeks to provide a safe home for the children living in prison without limiting their access to family. Our first project focuses on creating a safe site immediately adjacent to San Pedro Prison in La Paz, Bolivia for the approximately 220 children that are currently living there. Here, the children will have access to health, education and food services that they are not receiving inside the prison.

We are the only organization currently working on providing an effective solution to the current problem in Bolivia. Our work is based on the recommendations in the 2011 Report by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Children.