Latin Advocacy Network has identified as a recurring issue the lack of affordable resources available for immigrants who need legal advice regarding their immigration status. This problem places low-income immigrants in a situation of vulnerability, limiting their ability to access benefits that they should be receiving.

Latin Advocacy Network’s lawyer works to provide adequate legal advice to low-income clients at affordable prices. Latin Advocacy Network focuses its immigration expertise in the following areas, among others: U Visas; SIJS; Affirmative Asylum; T Visas; DACA; VAWA; Family Petitions; Adjustment of Status; Naturalization; TPS; Consular Processing; and Employment Authorization Requests.

In order to empower our clients, Latin Advocacy Network also provides immigration training to our clients. Our education program will help our clients to learn about the immigration process and understand the benefits that they could receive. 

Latin Advocacy Network considers working in conjunction with other organizations and attorneys in the area to be very important. Therefore, Latin Advocacy Network is planning to create a coalition of nonprofits and immigration attorneys in locations where the access to affordable legal advice is most difficult.